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Related article: CHAPTER IV OPEN CYLINDER When I returned to the common sunset. scattered groups hurrying from the direction of Woking, and one or two people return. The amount was increased over the well, and said lemon yellow black on the sky - a few hundred people, maybe. There were voices, and it seemed a way to combat will be over the hole. Strange ideas went through my mind. As I approached I heard Stent 's voice : " Keep back Keep your back " A boy approached me. " There is a - Movin ' " he said when he was " one screwin - y ome one - screwin ', ' not what I 'm a goin -.. ' I am. " \\ \\ n went to the crowd. It was true, I think two or 300 people jostle and push each other, one or two queens are not there, by far the least active. " has fallen into the hole! " Someone shouted. " Keep back !" Said several. The crowd swayed a little and made my way through me. Ever and a seemed very excited. I heard a strange buzzing coming from the pit. ", I say! " Ogilvy said, " to help these idiots again, Order Klonopin From India do not know. What is the damn thing, you know? " I saw a young man in a shop in Woking I believe it was Order Klonopin From India standing cylinder crawl out of the hole and try again. The crowd had pushed him in. The end of the cylinder was locked from the inside out. Quick two feet bright screw projected. Someone ran against me, n and released only missed the top of the screw. I s shot, and when I did, the screw must have come on the top of the cylinders fell into the gravel with a concussion call. I put in the elbow of the person behind me, and my head in the direction thing turned. For a moment that circular cavity seemed completely black. I had the sunset in your eyes. I think everyone expected to see a man emerge - possibly something to little unlike us terrestrial men, but essentially a man. Iknow I did. But, look, I already saw something stirring in the shadows n : gray undulating movements, one above the other, and then two luminous disks - like eyes. Then something like a small gray line with the thickness of a stick, rolling the half twists and twisted in the air towards me - and then another.